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[Pack553 - 📷 Picture Sharing] Introducing Pack 553 Smug Mug!

posted Sep 15, 2017, 7:57 PM by Cubmaster Pack 553
Pack 553 
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Pack 553 now has a simple, beautiful, and secure way to store, view, and share an unlimited number of photos and videos!

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Why can't I see any Galleries?
When you first visit, all you'll see is the Cover Image and Profile Picture.

This is because all of the Galleries are "unlisted." Only those with a link and password to the specific Gallery can browse and download the pictures.

Alternatively, specific upload links can be made to "blindly" upload to a Gallery without seeing any of the pictures. 

What do I need to install to use SmugMug?
Nothing! SmugMug is a website, so you just need a browser and a link to a gallery. It will work from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone. The iPhone and Android apps are just for the account owner, so you don't use them.

Are there any limits to what can be uploaded?
Individual pictures can be up to 150MB.
Individual videos can be up to 20 minutes and/or 3GB.
An unlimited number of pictures and videos can be uploaded.

For further details, contact the Cubmaster.