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About Our Webelos 

Fourth Grade or 9-10 Yrs
Den Leader   |  Darrell Lockhart
Den Number  |  4

The Goal  | A year-round family, home, and community centered program that encourages ethical decision-making skills.

Summary | The boys will learn more about staying healthy, knowing their home and community, tools for fixing and building, cooking healthy, being safe, and making good choices. 

Is your Fourth Grader thinking about Scouts?  
Then you probably have some questions... contact Membership at and leave your phone number.  We'd love to talk to you about scouting in Niceville.You can start his scouting career at any time. 

What the Webelos 1 are "Doing"... 


  • Recap of October 2nd Den Meeting the den meeting, scouts accomplished Cast Iron Chef requirement 3 and discussed requirement 2. To complete requirement 2, your scout needs to keep a food journal one week.  The scouts were given a worksheet for this activity, but any type of journal/log will be fine.  Bring completed log & “lessons learned” to share at November den meeting (Nov 13) to get signed off on requirement 2.

  scout can complete Cast Iron Chef requirements 1, 4 and 5 at Fam camp and/or Webelo Weekend. 

  the den meeting, scouts accomplished Stronger, Faster, Higher requirements 1 and 2.  Then scouts made an exercise plan (choose three of the activities on page 91 to improve upon) to work on for the next 30 days.  Please help your scout complete this requirement, logging their progress on page 91 of the Webelo handbook.  Be prepared to share “lessons learned” at November den meeting (Nov 13th) to get signed off on requirement 3.

  During the den meeting, we discussed the Stronger, Faster Higher requirement 4.  Each scout should bring a “station” for our den fitness course to the November den meeting.  A “station” can be as simple as jumping jacks or push-ups to something more creative, requiring equipment such as jumping over or around obstacles.  Please plan bring any supplies you will need for your “station”.  Ideas can be found on pg 95 of Web Handbook.

  We will accomplish Stronger, Faster, Higher requirement 6 at fam camp – we will play “Human Foosball” at the camp athletic fields.  It’s guaranteed to be a blast!  If your scout will be unable to attend Fam Camp, please play a new sport with your scout to help him get signed off on this requirement (Web handbook pg. 97). Playing flag football at the Sept 11 den meeting can also be used to meet the requirement.

  If your scout missed the Oct 2nd meeting, you can review the activities we covered with your scout, accomplish the one week food log and 30 day fitness program, and have your scout report their “lessons learned” at the November den meeting.


    Please do not hesitate to contact me with any comments/concerns.





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  • Den 4 notes

    Recap of Sep 11 Den Meeting: Families please read the Youth Protection Parent’s Guide and complete the activities with your scout.  This is the blue booklet insert you’ll find in your Webelo booklet.  Once you’ve completed the discussions and the Cyber Chip portion, please let me know.  I’ll sign his scouts book and order his Cyber Chip.  Please complete Duty to God and You adventure with your scout since this is a faith-based activity and personalized to your family’s faith practices.  Let me know when you’ve complete the adventure.  I will spend a few minutes discussing with your scout regarding what he’s learned and he will also make a short presentation to his Den about the adventure.  Safety - BSA has a policy in place that when a scout is attending any scout activity and their parent/legal guardian is not present, the parent/guardian MUST provide a completed BSA medical form (Part A and B) to be utilized in event of an emergency during their absence.  Since the form contains HIPPA protected medical information, the form is immediately returned to the family once they return to pick up their scout.   For new scouts, please be practicing the Bobcat rank requirements on pages 22-32.   For all scouts, feel free to review the bobcat requirements as some requirements are new.   In particular, learn the scout oath and scout law -- these are conveniently located on the back of your scout book! J  If you are interested in earning the religious emblem for your faith, let me know and I can assist you in connecting with the resources.  When a scout earns the religious emblem for their faith, they are awarded a rectangle purple patch with a silver “knot” inside.  It is worn above the scouts left breast pocket.  The scout can wear this patch his entire scouting career and can continue to wear as an adult leader.  Useful websites:

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  • Welcome New Wolves!
    Congratulations on your advancement from Tiger Cubs to WOLF CUBS! You guys did a great job last year and we are proud of you.

    We can look forward to some camping and some other fun stuff in the year to come. Hopefully you are excited!

    Den meetings will start as the summer wraps up. In the mean time we will see you at the monthly pack gatherings.
    Posted Aug 23, 2013, 5:48 PM by Pack 553 Niceville, FL
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