Check out this page for Tips for a Successful Show and Sell or scroll to the bottom to download the pdf version.

Face it parents, we grew up in a different time. As kids, nothing was handed to us. We either worked or helped to earn our rewards: money, an activity with friends, or something we wanted. Scouting still believes in and stands for the core value of earning!

Benefits to Your Scout and Family:
  • Teaches Scouts the value & process of setting and working toward goals
  • Gives Scouts a strong sense of accomplishment through recognition-Scouts will be recognized at pack meetings for their accomplishments.
  • Enhances communication, leadership skills and confidence in your Scout
  • Scouts can earn valuable rewards and prizes 

Fundraising Uses:

Our fundraising effort helps to make Scouting a great experience for our sons, siblings and parents.  Here is a just a small sampling of the activities supported by your fund raising efforts and participation:
  • Scout patches, badges, belt loops and recognition awards
  • Pack meeting refreshments & awards
  • Pinewood Derby/Rain Gutter Regatta/Space Derby kits
Prizes and Rewards:
  • Each scout receives 10% of their total sale to put into his own Scout Dollars Account to be used personally to pay for scout related expenses and activities.
  • For each set of 30 unique popcorn customers, the Scout will receive a $10 Walmart gift card from our council (Powered by Gulf Power).
  • Each scout that sells over $300 worth of popcorn will be entered into a Pack 553 raffle for fun prizes.
  • The top-selling Den will earn a PIZZA PARTY!
  • Special Prizes from the BSA
  • Top Sellers Club trip to Amusement Park!
  • Top Sellers Club V.I.P.S. Club Ice Flyers Game!
  • College Scholarship
I encourage you all to use this program. It allows scouts to sell products today. Scouts will sell the product immediately to the purchaser without the need to follow-up. Each individual scout will check out the amount of popcorn (TAKE) he would like to sell (AND SELL) around his neighborhood or to local friends and family. This can be used in conjunction with the Order Sheet. (Chocolate flavored popcorn and Pretzels must be ordered through the Order Sheets.  All other Take and Sell items that are sold directly can be written down on your Order Sheet for Fill-A-Sheet credit but must be marked as DELIVERED) We are encouraging each scout to Take & Sell at least 5 items. This popcorn is available to be checked out by contacting the Popcorn Kernel.

Please practice this script with your scout before he goes out

"Excuse me sir/ma’am! My name is __________. I'm a Cub Scout with Pack 553 and we're selling popcorn to help raise money for our pack. You can help us by trying some of our DELICIOUS popcorn! You'll help us, won't you? "

Familiarize your scout with the products and have him pick out one of his favorites to point out to the customer (ie.Premium Caramel Corn). Make sure he knows what the money is used for in case customer asks: pack activities, awards, badges, books. Dress appropriately, preferably in Class A uniform. Class B uniform is only acceptable if your scout does not yet have his Class A.

ORDER SHEET: Order Sheet Sales are the traditional form of scout popcorn sales. The scout, along with a parent or buddy, takes the order sheet door to door and asks neighbors to support Cub Scouts by purchasing popcorn. This can be done along with the Take and Sell. The customer places the order of popcorn with the scout. The scout turns in his order form to the Pack 553 Popcorn Kernel in Mid October.  Pack 553 places the order with the council. When the popcorn is delivered to the Pack, November 16th, the scout will pick up the popcorn and take it to the customer. Please use the script on the front of your Take Order Form. Practice this with your scout until he no longer needs to read it. On the inside write the delivery date of November 16th. Have your scout wear his uniform or pack T-shirt. All Order Forms and money are due to the Popcorn Kernel, Nikki Tarter, no later than October 29, 2017. 

SUPPORT OUR TROOPS MILITARY SALES: This is an easy way for customers to support scouts. After a $30 or $50 donation has been made, popcorn will be sent to troops overseas defending our country. Thank You cards will be given to the customer. This is an easy sell with no follow-up needed. These are great items to sell to long-distance friends and relatives.

SHOW & SELL: Show and Sell is when your scout shows up to sell popcorn as a group at a specific location such as Winn Dixie. Three enthusiastic scouts are needed for each shift. We currently have several Show and Sell’s on the calendar; however, if you have a storefront in mind please let Nikki know ASAP so we can get the word out.

ONLINE SALES: Each scout can invite friends and relatives from across the country to purchase popcorn online to be delivered straight to their home (purchaser will pay shipping costs). This is a new and exciting feature. Each Scout will be able to set up their own personalized online sales page; check your email for more details. Please make sure your den leader has your most current email address along with your first and last name sent to our Pack Secretary so we can update the pack roster.

All sales end Mid October. All unsold popcorn, order forms, and money needs to be turned in no later than October 29, 2017.

Parent Action Items

Make Checks Payable To:
Pack 553

Popcorn Sales Begin
August 20
(or as soon as you get
your sheet in the mail)

Popcorn Kickoff and
Take and Sell Checkouts
August 20

Order Sheets, Money & and ALL Unsold Popcorn Due
October 29

 Order Sheet Item Pickup
November 16