Popcorn Pep Rally Recap

posted Sep 10, 2013, 11:52 AM by Pack 553 Niceville, FL   [ updated Nov 14, 2013, 5:24 PM ]
Pack 553:

Thank you to everyone who attended our Popcorn Pep Rally Sunday!  We had a great time, got to taste lots of popcorn, and got fired up about selling popcorn!  Here’s a recap of the meeting for those who couldn’t attend.

Ways to Sell:
Order Form:  Selling products from the Order Form.  You are not giving the customer product at that time.  The orders will be delivered the week of November 19th.  The customer pays when they order.

Take and Sell:  Taking popcorn door-to-door to sell immediately.  You must collect payment when you give the customer their popcorn.  These sales are recorded on your Order form; see the “How to Fill Out the Order Form” section for more detail.

Show and Sell:  Selling popcorn in front of a business, such as Wal-Mart.  The Pack coordinates these events and Scouts work 2-hour shifts.  Sales for the day are divided evenly among the Scouts based on the number of hours they worked.  These sales are recorded on your Order form; see the “How to Fill Out the Order Form” section for more detail.  Visit our Pack’s website, pack553.net , to sign up for Show and Sells!

Online Ordering:  Out-of-State friends and family can order popcorn from a website and have it shipped to their home.  The Scout receives credit for the sale, but it does NOT go on the Order form.  We are still getting this up and running.  I will be sending out an email with login information and directions as soon as the system is ready.

How to Fill Out the Order Form:
Please be neat when filling out your sheet!  Scribbles and marked out lines are confusing for everyone.  You are allowed to use white-out to cover up mistakes.

When filling out your sheets, make sure you put only one item per line, EVEN IF one person is buying multiple products.  One filled sheet (30 items) allows your Scout to attend Sportsman’s Day, and wins him a $10 Walmart Gift Card.

“Show and Sell” and “Take and Sell” sales are reflected on your Order form.   Again, one item per line.  They count towards Fill-A-Sheet prizes.

For Take and Sell, you can either put the customer’s name and address, OR write “Take and Sell” in the Name/Address blanks.  Be sure to check the “Delivered” and “Paid” boxes.  

After participating in a Show and Sell, I will email the stats for your Scout, along with directions for transcribing the information onto your form.  You will write “Show and Sell” in the Name/Address blanks, and check the “Delivered” and “Paid” boxes.

Along with the prizes shown on the prize sheet that came with your order form, our Pack has purchased an awesome prize, to be awarded in a drawing at our popcorn wrap-up after the sale is over.  To be entered into the drawing, the Scout must meet the Pack goal of $220 in sales.  He will also get an additional entry into the drawing for every $100 sold over that amount!

Fill-A-Sheet is different this year.  For every completed order sheet (30 lines), the Scout will receive a $10 Walmart Gift Card!  Please send me a scan or picture of your completed forms and I will submit them to the Council.  Gift cards will be mailed to your house, so make sure to send me your correct mailing address with your form.

Your Scout can get to Sportsman’s Day by either Filling A Sheet, or selling $600 of popcorn.

 For top sellers, there are District and Council prizes to be won.  Visit our website for more information.

If you still have questions, please refer to our Pack’s website, or email or call me.  Thanks for supporting Scouting!

Charity Hardin
Popcorn “Kernel”
Pack 553