It's Time to Turn In Popcorn Orders!!

posted Oct 14, 2014, 6:31 PM by Popcorn Kernel Pack 553
Popcorn season is coming to a close!  We have enjoyed an extremely successful Show and Sell season, selling $13,560 of popcorn and bringing in $2,552.39 in donations over the course of 9 Sale events.  Lots of Scouts supported their Pack and represented the Scouting program well, and I am grateful for all the hard work and dedication shown this season.

Now it's time to finish filling those sheets in your neighborhoods.  Remember, every full sheet earns a $10 Walmart gift card, courtesy of Gulf Power!  Make sure you're putting ONLY ONE item per line, so your sheet fills up faster!  If you need extra sheets, please let me know.

We will be collecting your popcorn sheets and money the week of October 20-26th.  Sunday, October 26th, will be the ABSOLUTE LAST DAY to turn in your popcorn order.  If I haven't heard from you by Saturday, October 25th, I will be calling you!  If your Scout did NOT sell any popcorn, send me an email to let me know so I don't have to call you.

I will be collecting your popcorn sheets and money at my house.  I plan to be home the majority of each day the week of Oct 20-26thPlease send me an email or call me to let me know when to expect you. 

DO NOT bring popcorn sheets and money to FamCamp.  I will have extra blank popcorn forms available at FamCamp if you need them.

The turn-in process will take a few minutes to half an hour, depending on your order.  We will go over your sheet carefully to make sure we get your order correct and that your money adds up properly.  Please plan to be able to spend about 15 minutes when you turn in your sheet, longer if you have a large order or multiple sheets.

Please have your Scout pick his prize, based on his total sales amount.  The total sales amount includes Take Order, Take and Sell, Show and Sell, and Online Sales.  I will ask for your Scout's prize choice when orders are turned in.  I make a separate post explaining how prizes work.

As always, please email, text, or call me with any questions or concerns.

Yours in Scouting,

Charity Hardin
Popcorn Kernel
Pack 553