Weekly Popcorn Update: Sept 30th

posted Sep 30, 2014, 3:49 PM by Popcorn Kernel Pack 553

Thank you to all the Scouts who have been coming out to support our Pack at Show and Sells!   We have been very successful at our sales this season.  At Oktoberfest last weekend, we sold $3,810 over the two days!

 I have four important items this week:

 1.  We have a new Show and Sell opportunity set up for this weekend to replace the cancelled Eglin Commissary Sale.  This sale will be at the Soccer Tournament at the Morgan Sports Complex in Destin on October 4th.  This sale is different from our usual sales because of its location.  We will have a tent and table set up, but we will also have Scouts roaming the spectator areas with wagons of popcorn.  Therefore, for safety issues, each Scout MUST have an adult partner.   There will be no “drop-offs” or “one adult, two Scouts” allowed.  Here’s the signup:

 Morgan Sports Complex Show and Sell - October 4th

 2.  Scouts that live in the Parkwood Neighborhoods (gated and non-gated):  Please go door-to-door in your neighborhoods to sell popcorn!  At Oktoberfest, we had multiple people from your neighborhoods state that they have been on the lookout for Scout popcorn and no one has visited them.  There are people wanting popcorn in your neighborhoods; use this opportunity to fill your sheets, earn your prizes, and qualify for Sportsman’s Day!  If you are new to selling popcorn or feeling apprehensive, email me.  I can partner your Scout with an experienced Scout to “show you the ropes”.

 3.  If you have popcorn money to turn in from door-to-door sales, please reply to this email to schedule a time to drop by my house this week to turn it in.  Our customers prefer us to cash their checks in a timely manner. 

 4.  If you would like more Take and Sell popcorn, please email me ASAP and let me know what you would like.  If we have enough funds turned in, I can order some more popcorn this week.

 Thank you for all your hard work!  We are at $18,010 in total sales so far.  I can’t wait to see how much you guys turn in this week.  Let’s try to get to $20,000 by Friday!