Tips for a Successful Show and Sell

We all want to "Do Our Best" at the Show and Sells, since not only are we earning money to support our Pack, we are representing our Pack and Scouting to our community.  Below are some guidelines to ensure that every Show and Sell is a success:

1.  Know Your Product!

Before the Show and Sell, please review the popcorn brochure with your Scout to familiarize him with the products to be sold.  He should know the name and price of each item, as well as the flavor (sweet, salty, cheesy, etc.)  Have him choose his favorite flavor to recommend.

At each Show and Sell we have the following Products:

Cheese Lover's Collection tin - $35 
Salted Caramel Popcorn Tin - $25
Premium Caramel Corn w/ Almonds, Cashews & Pecans Tin - $25
Classic Caramel Corn Tin - $10
Classic Trail Mix (with REAL M&M's!) - $20
18-Pack Kettle Corn Microwave Popcorn - $20
18-Pack Butter Light Microwave Popcorn - $20
18-Pack Unbelievable Butter Microwave Popcorn - $20
White Cheddar Cheese Pre-pop Bag - $15
Military Donation - $30 & $50

2. Look the Part!

Scouts are required to wear their Class A uniform to Show and Sells.  Scouts should be clean, neat and tidy; face washed, shirt tucked in, neckerchief and slide worn properly.  Before arriving for their scheduled shift, Scouts should have a drink and a snack, and visit the bathroom.  Scouts are NOT allowed to eat at Show and Sells.  They may have a bottle of water or Gatorade, but no sodas or sugary drinks.  Drinks will be kept behind the table.

3.  Greeting Customers:

We have found over the years that using this standard approach is very effective, and we do request that all Scouts at a Show and Sell use the same words.  Please help your Scout learn the following approach:

 “Excuse me Sir/Ma’am!!  I’m a Cub Scout and I’m selling popcorn to support my Pack.  You’ll help me, won’t you?”  (nodding head and smiling)

This is the phrase the Scout will use to approach customers and invite them to the popcorn sales table.  Let your Scout know that a lot of people will say No, but that a lot will say Yes!  Encourage him to keep trying, and not get discouraged when someone says no.

4.  Donations – Can We, or Can’t We?

We are not allowed to solicit donations; it is expressly forbidden in our Charter.  However, we ARE allowed to accept donations, if offered.  What this means to your Scout:  Scouts are absolutely not allowed to hold a bucket out at the doors of a store.  If a customer says, “I’d like to support Scouting, but I don’t want to buy any popcorn.  Can I just give you a few dollars instead?” the Scout may accept the donation and thank the customer for supporting Scouting.  A Scout may NOT request a donation at any time.

5.  Handling Money:

Money will be kept by the adults behind the table.  We will have a small empty popcorn tin for the Scouts to place collected money in as they make sales.  Periodically an Adult leader will remove all large bills from the tin and place in a money bag, leaving only enough money in the tin to make change.  If any donations are offered, they will be placed in the tin as well, and then transferred to the money bag.

6.  Saying Thank You!

After a customer purchases popcorn, the Scout should thank the customer by saying, “Thank you for supporting Scouting!”  If a customer speaks with the Scout but does not purchase anything, the Scout should say, “Thank you for your time.”  It’s important to be friendly and polite!