Fall Camporee (Webelos 2)

Fall Camporee
WEBELOS II scouts!

Bring your WEBELOS II scouts to camporee for a taste of Boy Scouting with a local troop. This event can help with Arrow of Light requirements. Come to Camp Paquette in Blackwater just north of Munson on Sat, Sept 21st. You are invited to come out for the day on Saturday. See your sister troop to have them host and register you. Troops can bring a whole den or a parent and son if their den can’t all make it.

There is no charge for the WEBELOS to attend the event. We have had some confusion on the fees, so we apologize and the district will pay the day use fee for them. Sign up early and WEBELOS order patches for $2 before they run out. More information on the event can be found on the district website. If you need a troop to host you, contact btierney@valp.net.

Brush up on your Lewis and Clark history to be prepared for trivia and get ideas for costumes!

  • This is a backpacking style camporee with backpacking stoves.
  • Wearing period (Lewis and Clark) style clothing is encouraged.
  • Please, no troop trailers, chuckboxes, etc.

Registration deadline is Tuesday, September 24th. Click Here to register.

Pack 553 Niceville, FL,
Sep 10, 2013, 12:35 PM