Webelos Ree (Spring)

Webelos Ree
17-19 May 2019
Current 3rd and 4th Grade Scouts

You and your unit are invited to attend the Gulf Coast Council’s Annual WEBELO-REE! This event offers your brand new Webelos and Arrow of Light Scouts an opportunity to participate in activities designed especially for them, in a Boy Scout environment. They will be doing FUN activities meant to give a taste of what being a Boy Scout is like. Our goal is to inspire them to stay in Cubs, complete their Arrow of Light and move into a Boy Scout troop. Adults will get information on the program as they go through the events too.

WHEN:  May 17-19.  Check-in will begin at 4:00 PM, Friday afternoon.   

WHERE: Spanish Trail Scout Reservation [MAP], DeFuniak Springs, FL 32433.  Located approximately 5 miles west of DeFuniak Springs off Highway 90.  Look for the green “Spanish Trail Scout Reservation” sign.  Turn and follow Boy Scout Road until you reach the wood and stone gateway on the left side of the road that marks the entrance to the camp.  Once you have entered the Scout Reservation follow the paved road until you have passed the earth dam and traveled up the hill.  Henson Hall is the first building on the right.  

WHO:  Just-graduated Webelos and Bear Scouts with 1 Parent/Guardian per Scout.    

COST:  $12.00 per person without camp supplied Saturday Dinner and Sunday Breakfast or $18.00 per person with camp Saturday Dinner and Sunday Breakfast

Optional Pack Meal Plan:  Friday Dinner, Saturday Breakfast, Saturday Lunch.  $7.50 per person.

  • Check In No earlier than 4 PM
  • Akela/Scout Fishing Contest (Optional) 6-8:30 PM 
  • Opening 8:30 AM
  • Round Robin Events (see below) 9-12:00 PM
  • Lunch in Camp 12-1 PM
  • Round Robin Events (see below) 1-2:30 PM
  • Open Activities (Shooting, Fishing, Leather craft, Free Swim, per daily schedule) 3-5 PM
  • Dining Hall Dinner (if selected in STSR registration) 5:30 PM
  • Campfire 8 PM followed by "Cracker Barrel"
  • Dining Hall Breakfast (if selected in STSR registration) 7:30 AM
  • Church Service (Optional) 9 AM
  • Check Out - no later than 11 AM

There will be a series of round robin events to attend on Saturday. Each will teach a skill and have a competition to see how well the scouts learned it. Awards will be presented at the campfire program. This is very similar to a Boy Scout Camporee, competition style. As those events end, several areas will open so you can choose what to do the rest of the day.  

We will have Boy Scouts teach the events with a seasoned Scouter to oversee and answer any questions you may have along the way. Each event will focus on how the Boy Scouts use resources and build things. Pay close attention to the cooking demonstration and sample the dishes you’ll be shown how to make.

Round Robin Events:
  • “Campfire Tips, Tricks, and Treats” - Come check out and sample the kitchen area
  • “Boy Scout Jeopardy” – How much do you know about Boy Scouts?
  • “Readyman Relays” – Try your luck with First Aid, hands on relays for injured campers
  • “Campsites & Such” – Tour a site and see the ax yard, cooking station, etc.
  • “Fit as a Fiddle” - Test your strength and stamina at the Athletic Field
  • “Lessons from Smokey the Chicken” - Learn the safe way to build a fire, in several shapes, and choose one for your den to try. Can you cook over it?
  • “Why Knot? What Knot?” – Which knot is for what? Dens use teamwork to complete the event.
  • “Get the Lead Out” – Hit the target, score den points
  • “Flying Feathers” – Hit the target, score den points

WHAT TO BRING:      Each family provides their own tent and food (unless you participate in the Pack meal plan) .  You should also bring the following:  Sleeping Bags or Blankets, Mess Kits, Cooking Equipment (unless participating in Pack meal plan), Towels, Toilet Articles, Comfortable Closed-toe Shoes, Clothing, Swimming Trunks, Flashlights or Gas Lantern, Fishing Equipment and Lots of Scouting Spirit.   

The Pack Provides: 
 Optional Meal Plan that will include all cooking, cleaning and food supplies for the Friday Dinner, Saturday Breakfast and Lunch.  It will include Water, Hot Chocolate and Coffee to drink.

The Meal Plan Menu (Details may change): $7.50 per person for the weekend.
  • Friday Night - Foil Pack Meals and Camp Fire Cupcakes
  • Saturday Breakfast - Darn Good Kielbasa, Mountain Man breakfasts (Hash brown Scramble with Bacon, Sausage, Egg and Cheese) and Doughnuts. 
  • Saturday Lunch - Lazy Lasagna, Garlic bread and Fruit
  • *** Allergy Options will be available; please let us know in advance if there are any allergies. ***

THE CAMP PROVIDES:    Saturday Dinner and Sunday Breakfast (if selected during Council registration).  Activity materials.  Accide
nt Insurance for all registered Scouts and Scouters, First Aid, Shower Facilities, Planned Activities, Camp Staff, Saturday Night Campfire, Stocked Trading Post, Sunday Morning Church Service and Lots of Fun!!  All campsites have access to a toilet, shower, tables and drinking water.   Adequate space will be provided to set up your tent.  
    CAMP SAFETY:    LEADERS: Please discuss these rules with your participants before arrival.  
    2. No vehicles or bicycles are allowed in campsites.  
    3. Closed Toed / Closed Heeled Shoes must be worn at all times.  
    4. No flames in tents at any time.  
    5. Avoid all snakes.
    6. No firearms, ammunition or fireworks are allowed.
    7. Gas lanterns and stoves allowed for adults only.
    8. Boys are not permitted to carry matches.
    9. Axes and hatchets are for adults only.  NO CHAINSAWS ARE ALLOWED.
    10. All children must have adult supervision at all times.
    11. No Pets.