Scoutbook is a website and database that allows you and your den leader to easily monitor your Scout’s advancement. There is no cost to individual families and dens, but an active Scoutbook account is required. Below is an instructional video about managing Cub Scout advancement using Scoutbook as well as frequently asked questions.

Scoutbook Frequently Asked Questions

I have not received a Scoutbook invitation. How do I get one?

Do not create your own Scout or parent profile. Send an email to requesting Scoutbook access. Please include the following information for:

  • Your Cub Scout

  • Full legal first name

  • Nickname (optional, but important!)

  • Full legal last name

  • Birthday (month, day, year)

You and any other adult in your family who will be connected to your Cub Scout

  • Gender [Male or Female]

  • Full legal first name

  • Nickname (optional, but important!)

  • Full legal last name

  • Primary email address

  • Secondary email address (optional)

  • Relationship to your Cub Scout [Parent/Guardian or Other Family Member], and the name of each of your Scouts in Pack 553.

How do I access my Scout’s records in Scoutbook?

Pack 553 administrators enter each Scout’s profile into Scoutbook. A separate profile is also entered for each parent. Finally, a connection is made in Scoutbook between the parent’s profile and the Scout’s profile, which gives the parent full access to the Scout’s records.

How do I get a parent profile?

Do not create your own Scout or parent profile. Pack 553 administrators enter the parent profiles into Scoutbook. An invitation email is sent to the parent’s email address. Once the parent accepts the invitation, he or she has Scoutbook access. Be sure to check your email spam filter for the invitation email.

Why are some of my Scout’s awards missing from Scoutbook?

For awards from past Scout years, please send an email to with your specific information.

For awards earned in this Scout year, Scoutbook should be accurate and up-to-date. Please contact your den leader with your specific information.

I’m transferring from another Unit that used Scoutbook. How do I connect with Pack 553?

Add the new Cubmaster as a Connection to the Scout with Full Control permissions by going to your Scout's Connections page.

The new Cubmaster has enough control over the Scout's account to make any changes to the account, including Den assignments, connection to other Pack leadership, etc.