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Post Game: 2021 New Scout Round Up

Posted Sep 2, 2021

Miss the 2021 New Scout Round Up on Zoom? No problem! A copy of the presentation slides can be found to the right. -->

2021_08_29 - Round Up

2021 Summertime Award Winners!!

Posted Aug 13, 2021

Congratulations to our Pack 553 Scouts that earned the National Summertime Pack Award!

This award encourages scouts to be active when school is out for the summer, by doing one activity per month in June, July, and August.

Tiger Rank:

Logan Earl & Everett Smith

Bear Rank:

Liam Earl, Ben Harris, Emmett Smith, Rhett Taylor, Ian Flater

Webelos Rank:

Rhys Richards


Posted Mar 21, 2021

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you Jeremy Smith (everyone please applaud) as your new Cubmaster! Jeremy has served as Assistant Cubmaster in the past, but the military stole him from us when he was due to be Cubmaster. But we stole him back! And you will all be in fabulous hands!!! You can meet Jeremy at the April Pack event/Hike.

Thank you all so much for a wonderful year of scouting! Parents and leaders, you have all given so much for these kids! To have such a successful scouting year in the midst of a global pandemic was not easy, but you all came together with smiles under those masks, and made it awesome!!! Parents, please thank your den leaders! They have done everything we have asked of them and more all year long. You have all exceeded my expectations month after month after month. So, you know, don't let me down in April and May! I will miss all of your scouts' smiling faces, but will be wishing you warm weather and low humidity. It has been a pleasure. Thanks for trusting me with your scouts and this Pack.

Adventure On!

Cubmaster Naomi

Post Game: Popcorn Kick Off 2020

Posted Aug 16, 2020

If you did not watch the Facebook Live pack meeting tonight, you can still watch it for all of the important info you need to sell ALL of the 🍿and stay safe 😷. Just go to the Pack 553 Facebook page to view it.

My Door Prize Winners are:

Ian Flater, Ella Allard, Ben Harris, Tanner Kirkland, Mae Ann Herring, and Finn/Isla/Owen Torrance

A few reminders:

-Sell now, sell early

-When popcorn is ready to pick-up we will email you all

-Pack goal is $8k for a pizza got this

-$1380 in sales covers your recharter fee 100%

-$400 gives you a pie to throw at leadership

-No Show and Sells this year. Poor Jimmy. He's really bummed.


Ingrid Wharton:

Adventure On!

Cubmaster Naomi

Scouting in the age of COVID

Posted Aug 5, 2020

Pack 553,

I am sure many of you are wondering if scouting is going to continue this fall and if so, what it will look like. Well first of all, πŸŽ‰YES! πŸŽ‰Scouting will continue this fall, and to see how, please take a few minutes to watch this video. Of course, feel free to reach out with specific questions you may have. I will do my very best to get you the answers you need.😷

One major difference this year will be how we recruit new scouts into the pack. We will not have an opportunity to recruit from within the school this year. So please, feel free to forward this email to interested families. Have a new family in your neighborhood? Send them to our website or help them find us on Facebook. We will be pushing out more virtual recruitment in the coming weeks.

I hope to see you all at Space Derby this Sunday!πŸš€

Adventure On!

Cubmaster Naomi