This section will provide you with more information regarding what's going on within Pack 553!

From den meetings to racing pinewood derby cars, from camping at the Georgia Aquarium to attending a local ice hockey game, there are many different activities and events to keep our Scouts and their families active and involved! Here are a few.

Annual calendar

Every summer Pack 553 leaders plan pack meetings and events for the entire school year. Want to see the current annual calendar of events? Look here!

Pack meetings

Normally held once per month. All Pack 553 scouts (K-5th grade) get together in the same place. The meeting is normally led by the Cubmaster. Keep an eye on the Pack calendar (on the main page) for dates.

Den meetings

Usually held 3-4 times per month among scouts in common age groups.


Camping is one of the most recognizable Cub Scout activities. There are several opportunities for camping throughout the year for all ages. See the Camping page for more information on different events.

Pinewood Derby

Pinewood derby cars are small wooden models that Cub Scouts make with help from their families. In the Spring, they race the cars in competition. The cars are powered by gravity and run down a track. See the Pinewood Derby page for more information.

Space Derby

Cub Scouts design a model rocket and race it on a special track that allows the propeller powered rockets to speed across the air.

Rain Gutter Regatta

The Rain Gutter Regatta gives Cub Scouts a chance to make a model sail boat and race it with others. Traditionally, rain gutters were closed on each end and filled with water to serve as the race course. Today, options include plastic and inflatable courses.

Blue and Gold Banquet

Blue and Gold Banquets are a tradition in Cub Scout packs. They are a celebration of the anniversary of the founding of the BSA on February 8, 1910, and therefore usually take the place of the February pack meeting. In Pack 553, families are invited, and festivities include skits, a pot-luck dinner, den-constructed table centerpieces, door prizes, etc.

Other pack activities

Throughout the year there are many other opportunities for Pack activities in addition to the normal den and pack meetings. Hiking, fishing, participating in local shooting sports day, pool parties, bowling, and attending ice hockey games are examples.

Community service projects

Doing service projects together is one way that Cub Scouts keep their promise “to help other people.” While a Scout should do his or her best to help other people every day, a group service project is a bigger way to help people. While you’re giving service, you’re learning to work together with others to do something that’s good for your community. Pack 553 service projects have included underbrush management and landscaping at a local State Park (helping the natural world (, the community, or the chartered organization.

Popcorn sales

Popcorn sales are the primary fundraiser for our Pack. Selling popcorn also teaches Scouts about setting goals and improves a Scout's communication, leadership skills, and confidence. See the Popcorn page for more information.